Car Compressor consists of 2 main components including Compressor and Magnetic Clutch components. To Check Car AC Compressor by checking whether there is oil on the wall of the compressor if it looks oil on the wall of the car means the compressor has a leak. The next step is to find out the cause of the leak and where the oil leak comes from, maybe from the engine or from the compressor. Apart from that, go to when you must hire a professional AC repair expert.


On the part of the Car, AC Compressor that is generally a leak of Freon mixed with oil is Packing between the front cover and the back cover.

In addition, Check the Magnetic Coupling.

For checking magnetic coupling we should know its function, the function of the magnetic coupling is as a connecting engine rotation from the pulley to the compressor. Examination of the magnetic coupling section is seen from the physical between checks:

Armature Assembly or Center Piece is attracted by magnetic components when the AC Car is on. Observe when the Center Piece movement process is there is no sound, there may also be an insertion. If there is a loud and unnatural sound there is a high chance that wear will occur on the surface of the armature assembly with the pulley surface. If the gap is too far away, it can sometimes connect or not, especially if the temperature of the compressor is hot. It’s because the magnetic component will weakly attract the centerpiece component if the compressor is hot.