Month: October 2018

The safe and effective rope skipping guide for beginners

For beginners, use a strap that matches the size of your height. Use beaded rope ropes that are the right model for beginner jump rope sports. After that, you can start by adjusting the rope and holding the handle on the strap handle. Roll the rope so that the handle reaches your armpit. Use sports shoes. Running shoes or training shoes you can use when exercising jump rope. When doing jump rope sports, you need an area of 1 time 2 meters and about 30 cm in height above your head. Also, pay attention to the surface floor while practicing. In the meantime, check out to find the excellent jump ropes online.


Preparation to start the jump

Initially, you must practice your leg and arm movements separately. Do it first as preparation before using a rope to jump. To find the right strap, place one leg in the middle of the rope and lift the handle. The right strap should not cross your armpit.

After you feel you can compensate for the rhythm of your hands and feet, hold the two ropes at the ends. Adjust to height, not too long or short, this follows your height. It is also important to provide 3-4 cm of rope looseness, to make room for your feet and ropes not to touch each other and this can cause slipping. Keep your elbows steady to the side when you turn the rope.

When doing the rope jumping

For starters, start jumping rope for a period of 20 seconds. During the first 20 stitches, adjust the rhythm and try not to trip over the rope. If you feel tired or can’t breathe anymore, you must stop immediately. After you can pass the first 20 seconds, you can continue to the next minutes. Don’t forget to rest.

Beginners must start with a 30-second jump, successively or about 50 repetitions. Do at least three or four sets with breaks in each set between 30 to 90 seconds. Gradually, increase the duration and intensity of your set, for example, initially only 60 seconds, increase to 90 seconds to jump. Then, do the steps from 100 to 150 seconds, with a rest period of 30 seconds. You can do this every day, in the morning or evening for maximum results.

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Changing the parts on your watches

Changing the strap/bracelet is quite significant, but often it’s not enough to get there. Many people even want to modify the look of their watch by replacing parts such as dial, clockwork, insert bezel, etc., even including their movement, and they may rarely do the intricate modification types alone, due to they don’t want to damage their watch, and so they ask the experts in the trusted watch stores instead.

For this one, it may be more difficult to apply to various types of watches from various brands, but among modifiers, there is one brand that routinely becomes the canvas of their idea spill: Seiko, especially the type SKX007 and the Seiko 5 family because each part can replace with each other. In modifications like this, inspiration can appear in the original as well as from other iconic hours.

Take for example Seiko 5 SNZH53, SNZH55 and SNZH57, these clock types are often modified following the Omega Planet Ocean, or more often, based on Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. The results of the modifications that we can see for example in this article header are often named after their type names, Fifty-Five Fathoms. Although it may be affected by iconic hours, often the modifiers do not randomly copy the details of these clocks to resemble replica clocks. The modifiers still leave special characteristics on their modified watches.

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