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Basic rules in Contractor All Risk Insurance

Both private development projects and those using State Budget funds or ministries have begun to aggressively so that the readiness of all parties including insurance is needed as one of the supporting business lines in the successful absorption of the budget for the development sector. Insurance is still a complement to project activities even though it has a strategic function in risk management. For the risk of a construction project, for example, there is a risk of building collapse or an accident that accompanies the construction process. So that due to handling this risk, the insurance company designed a product called Contractor All Risk Insurance or commonly abbreviated as “CAR” Insurance. Meanwhile, visit to find a reliable construction bonds service for your project.

The product explanation details that may be useful, both for the Contractor and policyholders/project owners (private / state) can be briefly presented below. Hopefully, the handling of risks that lead to the regulation of the company’s cash flow in the event of a disaster can always be maintained with this CAR insurance protection.


Insurance that guarantees financial losses due to physical damage from civil works that are being installed or worked on.


That can be insured in Insurance (CAR), which is all types of civil works are drying, for example:

Building, office, school, campus, etc.
Factory Works, Industrial Estates, etc.
Construction of multi-story buildings such as hotels, apartments, plazas, etc.
Construction of Tunnels, Roads and other CIVIL jobs.


Contractor / Sub Contractor as Project implementer.
Project owner.
Both can be above.
Private agencies/individuals.


Material Damage Section 1

Financial losses as a result of physical damage from civil works that are being installed, which are among others due to:

Fire/fire, struck by lightning, blasting
Earthquakes and the like.
Negligence, human error and lack of skill.
Theft and demolition.
Short circuit.
Malicious acts.
And others that are not included in the exception.

Section II Third Party Liability

Namely, the losses suffered by the insured where legally (legally) the insurer is responsible, that is due to:

Accidents on third-party bodies (fatal or not).
Damage of property from third parties.

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Fasilitas Standar Bagi Kaum Difabel yang Sebaiknya Dipenuhi Oleh Perusahaan

Aksesbilitas adalah kemudahan yang diberikan bagi setiap orang, tidak terkecuali penyandang disabilitas agar mendapatkan kesempatan dan pelayanan yang sama dengan orang-orang normal. Standar aksesbilitas gedung telah diatur pada peraturan pemerintah. Aksesbilitas ini penting dalam pelayanan untuk memberikan kesetaraan serta peningkatan peran bagi penyandang disabilitas. Peningkatan aksesbilitas ini adalah salah satu upaya pemerintah untuk mewujudkan Indonesia Ramah Disabilitas.

Penyediaan fasilitas dan aksesbilitas adalah tanggung jawab instansi atau pemilik gedung. Dalam perencanaannya, harus dllengkapi fasilitas dan aksesbilitas yang memenuhi persyaratan teknis. Persyaratan teknis tersebut meliputi :

– Ukuran dasar ruang
Ukuran dasar ruang adalah ukuran tiga dimensi yang mengacu pada ukuran tubuh manusia dewasa, perlatan yang digunakan serta mampu menaungi pergerakan penggunanya.

– Jalur pedestrian yang ideal
Jalur pedestrian digunakan bagi semua orang, termasuk kaum difabel yang memakai kursi roda. Jalur pedestrian dirancang berdasarkan kebutuhan masyarakat, terutama bagi kaum difabel tuna netra. Kondisinya harus mudah diakses, nyaman, dan tidak menghambat pekalan kaki. Jalur pedestrian biasanya dilengkapi dengan jalur pemandu khusus yang bertekstur ubin pengarah dan ubin peringatan, sehingga penyandang disabilitas tuna netra bisa memanfaatkannya dengan baik.

– Area parkir untuk kaum difabel
Kini penyandang disabilitas juga mampu mengendarai kendaraan secara mandiri. Itulah sebabnya area parkir yang memudahkan kaum difabel sangat dibutuhkan. Area parkit tersebut biasanya lebih luas untuk naik turun kursi roda.

– Toilet untuk kaum difabel
Toilet adalah fasilitas sanitasi yang mudah diakses untuk semua orang. Penyandang disabilitas juga bisa mendapatkan hak untuk menggunakan toilet di tempat umum. Itulah sebabnya Anda mungkin akan menemukan toilet berukuran beda atau lebih besar dibanding toilet yang lain. Hal ini untuk memudahkan ruang gerak penyandang disabilitas, terutama bagi mereka yang menggunakan kursi roda.

Itulah beberapa jenis fasilitas yang sebaiknya disiapkan bagi penyandang disabilitas. Fasilitas dengan akses yang mudah, nyaman, serta tidak menyulitkan ruang gerak adalah jenis fasilitas yang ideal bagi kaum difabel. Dengan terpenuhinya fasilitas bagi kaum difabel, maka akan memudahkan mereka untuk tetap bergerak.

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Countries that Still Believe Shamanism

For Western society, magic and occultation only exist in fairy tales, a form of fictional entertainment in films such as “Harry Potter” and “The Lord of The Rings”, one example of the magic world in the western eye. In other parts of the country, even though it has entered the 21st century, there are still people who participate in hunting shamans and persecuting people who are believed to have magic. Most of them come from countries in Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. Even two countries are known as one member of a large country, the G20. Believe it or not, the Saudi Arabian police institution really has an anti-magic unit and a shaman. According to the website remove black magic, the law is applied to hunt down and imprison people (women, especially) who are of doing magic and the like. One suspect was executed in 2007 and one was killed in prison while awaiting the alleged crime. Tanzania is a country with many very different beliefs. One belief such as the so-called shaman in this East African country is that the members of the albino human body are good ingredients for magic potions.

As a result, albino residents in Tanzania line general murder. According to a BBC report, an albino woman was found dead in May 2014 in a village called Gasuma. Two shamans were suspected of committing heinous crimes and were immediately arrested. Before this incident, an article on cited the mortality of about 600 women in 2011, all accused of witchcraft. How can a country overcome the inhumane practices of shamans if the president himself does such a terrible act? Articles that appeared in The Telegraph in 2012 and in 2013 reported similar incidents in the Gambia. It is said that by confusing state affairs with witchcraft, Yahyah Jammeh captured 1,000 of his citizens who were considered shamans and ordered them to drink hallucinogenic herbs to drive out evil spirits from their bodies. At least six died in the strange ritual. In CNN news in February 2012, a woman was reportedly burned alive in Central Nepal after she was labeled a shaman. What’s worse, the person responsible for his brutal death was a member of the female patient’s family.

The Nepalese government urges people not to allow shamans and psychics to influence their judgments and decisions, especially if the results result in the loss of one’s life. Last year, Indians were in an uproar after news of the horrific murder of magic. In October 2014, the BBC reported that an Indian woman from the district of Bemetara was killed by her family after it was believed to have made her niece sick through sorcery. Therefore, healing related to magic is not allowed to be arbitrary, you must come to the experts.

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Things to Look For in Managing Inventory in the Warehouse

Managing the stock system in the warehouse and treating it properly and correctly is actually not a difficult thing if we understand how to correct the menage. It is important for every businessman to understand this if a managed business requires the stock of merchandise. Each inventory has a period of time in its storage to be sold or managed in the next stage, therefore a management of stored inventory is a note that is very concerned because it is very important in supporting the business or business that is driven. Inventory can be said to be ideal if it is at the most economical level without any risk to the company. Errors in managing goods can result in not a little loss, especially the stock made is a product or material that is of high value. In order to be able to maintain the stock of goods in the warehouse both in security and control of the rotation it is needed a proper system and in accordance with the type of business being carried out. Usually, a risk will arise caused by an inventory such as inventory costs, damage to goods, loss of goods. You can contact to get the ideal warehouse for your business.

Warehouse storage is one of the most important elements in maintaining and managing inventory items, therefore many must be observed in maintaining warehouses to keep supplies in normal conditions. Things to note are such as temperature, temperature, humidity, cleanliness and guaranteed security. In addition, the inventory management system in a good warehouse must be considered so as not to interfere with the production process or the entry and exit of inventory items. Warehousing activities must have SOPs that are arranged in detail and clearly in order to receive and handle inventory properly because as a guideline in carrying out routine work, facilitate the work operations of all parties involved in the business carried out and can know that SOPs are only limited before work is done, but besides that there are many things that must be made such as if there are changes in work steps, for example, the presence of new machines, new equipment, additional workers, different locations and all that affect the work environment, so that the rules of the game in the company become clearer because of standard operational references.

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Find Out Some Causes of Central Lock in Cars Experiencing Damage or Loss

Cars certainly become the vehicle most often used by many people. Many people use cars even every day and unwittingly there are some parts in the damaged car. One of the parts that are most often damaged is the central lock on the car that serves to lock all the doors on the car. To handle car key issues that make it impossible for you to enter and exit the car, visit

Usually, the damage that occurs when the central lock is activated, this component is unable to lock all doors. Worse when the component in the form of a motor dynamo no longer functions to push the locking lever. Below are some of the causes of the central lock in the car being damaged or even jammed.

1. Door lock (door lock component) is rusty. Every few months, it is recommended to give a little anti-rust or grease or grease. This locking component is usually located on the edge of the door and will be related to the body.

2. The motor dynamo is weak. There is a component commonly called a “gun” because it looks like a gun. This is a dynamo that “shoots” iron to move the lock. The component that continues to work is prone to damage because the bumps are quite strong.

3. The movement of key components to the door also requires lubrication so that the locking performance gets lighter. Give special treatment by giving grease. Most often damaged is a motor dynamo. These components are also sold with the status of “imitation”. You have to prepare other fees to deal with this problem.

If you often drive or use a car, it is better to always use it to the maximum and with good treatment. Because some parts of the car are vulnerable to damage or problem because they are used too often. To make the central lock on the car last long, then you have to use it properly and not carelessly use it.

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How to use Aromatherapy for maximum benefit

Aromatherapy Can Be Used in Various Ways. In order to get the maximum benefit, there are several ways you can do. Meanwhile, perhaps you should check out the excellent and the best smelling incense sticks and agarbatti.


Inhaling aromatherapy vapors

Aromatherapy oil used by inhaling its vapors can help relieve respiratory ailments, such as flu and colds. Choose mint aromatherapy, eucalyptus and pine oil. How to use it, prepare hot water in the basin. Add 10 drops of selected aromatherapy oil. Next bow your head over the basin while covering your head with a towel. Breathe the steam for a few minutes.

Spray aromatherapy oil

Put 180 ml of water into a spray bottle. Add 5-10 drops of aromatherapy oil in about 30 ml each. Shake it first, then spray into the room to get the fragrance and the benefits.

Using a diffuser

This tool uses electricity. This tool is more likely to allow aromatherapy oil to spread more throughout the wider room. Another advantage of using this tool is being able to break oil into separate molecules so that the aroma will be easier to breathe. Therefore, this method is considered the most effective in treating. This method is right for stabilizing mental and emotional health. This method is also effective for treating diseases related to blood, lungs, and brain. However, make sure that the diffuser uses cold air instead of using warmth or vibration. Because it will destroy the active substance.

To compress

Maybe you just found out that aromatherapy oil can be used to compress sick body parts. The trick, prepare one liter of warm water with added 3-6 drops of aromatherapy oil. Mix well. Soak the towel in the mixture, squeeze, then apply to the affected body part for a maximum of 20 minutes. Repeat until the pain subsides.

Muscles that are painful due to sports injuries, bruises, toothaches, headaches, and injuries from insect bites are some of the diseases that can be relieved by compressing them with aromatherapy oil.

For massage

Combine aromatherapy oil with massage oil, then use it to massage. Oil absorbed by the body will provide health benefits. Meanwhile, the scent that touches the muscles will make the muscles more relaxed and calming.

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How to Find the Suitable Washing Machine for Your Needs

Now the washing machine is equipped with a variety of sophisticated technologies such as touch screens and WIFI connections. Various brands also offer different washing methods. All technology of lavadoras industriales is good but you need to remember that you don’t need all of these features for your washing machine. When buying a washing machine we recommend that you focus on features that are really important and you need. In essence, in buying a washing machine, you only need your clothes to be clean at the end of the washing with efficient use and suitable for your lifestyle.

1. Washing Machine Capacity

In choosing a washing machine, generally the bigger the washing machine, the better. With a large capacity, your clothes will have more room to spin so that the washing results will be cleaner. You can also wash more clothes at a time so you don’t need to wash too often and save more electricity. Washing machine capacity is measured in metric kilograms where one kilogram is supposed to be able to wash 1 full suit or one large towel.

2. Spin Speed

A higher spin speed will eliminate more water at the end of washing so that your clothes will be faster and easier to dry. Most models have a spin speed of around 1200rpm which means the drum on the washing machine rotates 1200 times per minute. If you often wash towels, you might want to see a washing machine with a spin speed of around 1600 rpm so that your towel is not so moist. For clothes that are more susceptible, we nest you lower the spin speed so that your clothes are not damaged.

5. Offered Washing Programs

The most useful washing program is “Quick Wash” where your clothes will be finished in 15 to 30 minutes. Quick Wash is very useful if you want to wash clothes in small amounts and not so tarnished in quick time. Some washing machine models also offer an “Anti Stain” washing program that can wash for clothing that has severe stains such as red wine.

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The Dry Scalp: How to Choose the Right Treatment Product Including Shampoo

Are you sure that the product you can get by simply visit is the shampoo that is right for the dry scalp? Well, most of us may think that visible skin peels as a sign of dry scalp, but are they directly related? The first, a skin condition is known as dandruff, is generally the same as dry scalp and can make you uncomfortable and block your confidence. Dry scalp occurs due to losing too much moisture and the skin becomes taut, probably due to factors such as cold weather, dehydration and the result of hair products.

However, dandruff is not always a sign of dry scalp. The annoying white flakes have a variety of causes and are mostly associated with Malassezia, a yeast fungus like those that breed in oily scalp areas. When your skin’s natural protection is weakened, irritation is produced by Malassezia because it consumes excess oil. This causes inflammation of the skin cells so that it releases more quickly than usual, and the result – you get dandruff.

Make sure that you get the right shampoo. In fact, the different type of hair and the scalp condition requires the different shampoo with different ingredients, right? Using the wrong shampoo can aggravate dry scalp by peeling off the remaining oil and accelerating the appearance of discomfort and dandruff. Confused by the choices on the shower rack? You can see specially formulated shampoo. Overcome dry scalp problems from your worries with these tips, and you will feel refreshed soon and look amazing all day – because your beautiful hair is your crown.

shampoo for dry hair containing ingredients such as dimethicone, polyquaternium, and Cyclomethicone also provides softness and luster to make hair healthier. The emollient content of shampoo derived from coconut oil, avocado seed oil, and grapeseed oil is also able to nourish dehydrated hair.

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