For Western society, magic and occultation only exist in fairy tales, a form of fictional entertainment in films such as “Harry Potter” and “The Lord of The Rings”, one example of the magic world in the western eye. In other parts of the country, even though it has entered the 21st century, there are still people who participate in hunting shamans and persecuting people who are believed to have magic. Most of them come from countries in Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. Even two countries are known as one member of a large country, the G20. Believe it or not, the Saudi Arabian police institution really has an anti-magic unit and a shaman. According to the website remove black magic, the law is applied to hunt down and imprison people (women, especially) who are of doing magic and the like. One suspect was executed in 2007 and one was killed in prison while awaiting the alleged crime. Tanzania is a country with many very different beliefs. One belief such as the so-called shaman in this East African country is that the members of the albino human body are good ingredients for magic potions.

As a result, albino residents in Tanzania line general murder. According to a BBC report, an albino woman was found dead in May 2014 in a village called Gasuma. Two shamans were suspected of committing heinous crimes and were immediately arrested. Before this incident, an article on cited the mortality of about 600 women in 2011, all accused of witchcraft. How can a country overcome the inhumane practices of shamans if the president himself does such a terrible act? Articles that appeared in The Telegraph in 2012 and in 2013 reported similar incidents in the Gambia. It is said that by confusing state affairs with witchcraft, Yahyah Jammeh captured 1,000 of his citizens who were considered shamans and ordered them to drink hallucinogenic herbs to drive out evil spirits from their bodies. At least six died in the strange ritual. In CNN news in February 2012, a woman was reportedly burned alive in Central Nepal after she was labeled a shaman. What’s worse, the person responsible for his brutal death was a member of the female patient’s family.

The Nepalese government urges people not to allow shamans and psychics to influence their judgments and decisions, especially if the results result in the loss of one’s life. Last year, Indians were in an uproar after news of the horrific murder of magic. In October 2014, the BBC reported that an Indian woman from the district of Bemetara was killed by her family after it was believed to have made her niece sick through sorcery. Therefore, healing related to magic is not allowed to be arbitrary, you must come to the experts.