Many people are now doing chiropractic therapy in order to deal with their spinal problems. Quite often some of them come to the chiropractors who are really right so that their problems can be handled properly. Unfortunately, there are still some people who use the wrong chiropractor services. One of the professional chiropractor services that you can choose is chiropractor santa monica.

Many assume that chiropractic therapy is done without medical devices. In fact, there are several tools that are also used in this practice. Get to know some of the tools before you choose to use this therapy to deal with your bone problems.

1. Berry Lateral Translation (BLT)
This tool is usually used for examples of scoliosis or the condition of a bent spine. He gave an example that if the curve of the spinal column to the right, then this tool will give emphasis to the left. Usually, this therapy will last for 20 minutes.

2. Standing Lateral Traction (SLT)
Slightly different from BLT, the therapy can be used when you lie down, with SLT, it will be done in a standing position. This tool is usually used by those who are bent due to bad habits for a long time in computers and so on. By pressing the shoulder, doing this therapy also for approximately 20 minutes depending on the case and advice from the therapist who did it.

3. Demerol
This one tool actually has various kinds and functions because it consists of special pads that help improve the curve of the neck, back, and waist.

4. Decompression
Not all scoliosis can feel this device because of decompression usually for those who experience pinched nerves or usually known as HNP.

In some cases, chiropractic therapy is indeed known to be dangerous, so before doing so, you are usually required to do some checks. Where patients suffering from cancer are advised not to take this therapy and many other examinations must also be carried out by prospective patients.