You are interested in buying AC but are confused when given the choice of Standard AC, Low Watt or AC Inverter? Here we will discuss the three types of AC in the hope that you will understand the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each type of AC. We hope that after reading this article you can choose exactly what type of air conditioner is suitable for your use and needs. Aside from that, we recommend you to check out the trusted air conditioning service near you.

Low Watt AC

Low Watt AC has the same way of working with AC Standard. The difference lies in the compressor that uses less electric power. To achieve the same capability, Low Watt AC strengthens the fan in the outdoor unit.

In general, Low Watt AC has a higher price than AC Standard but uses electricity more efficiently so that your electricity costs will be cheaper up to ~ 20-30% per month.

Low Watt AC type is also suitable for homes that have small electric power because it has the smallest initial electric pull compared to the standard AC type and Inverter AC.

Lack of AC Low Watt only in the fact that the room will feel cold slower than the AC Standard because this AC uses the least amount of power.

Inverter AC

The Inverter AC is the air conditioner with the highest caste. The technology in the Inverter AC makes the compressor on the Inverter AC work according to the need to reach the desired room temperature.

For example, if you set the temperature 24 on your remote Inverter AC then at the start of the AC the inverter will work very hard to cool the room. This initial use uses electricity that is higher than AC Standard. When the room temperature has reached 24 (according to remote AC) the compressor on the Inverter AC will work to a minimum.

This Inverter AC will continue to work to ensure the room temperature is in accordance with the temperature set on the remote.

Inverter ACs are also not suitable for short-term use because the electricity is initially very high so it is not efficient in electricity use.