Both private development projects and those using State Budget funds or ministries have begun to aggressively so that the readiness of all parties including insurance is needed as one of the supporting business lines in the successful absorption of the budget for the development sector. Insurance is still a complement to project activities even though it has a strategic function in risk management. For the risk of a construction project, for example, there is a risk of building collapse or an accident that accompanies the construction process. So that due to handling this risk, the insurance company designed a product called Contractor All Risk Insurance or commonly abbreviated as “CAR” Insurance. Meanwhile, visit to find a reliable construction bonds service for your project.

The product explanation details that may be useful, both for the Contractor and policyholders/project owners (private / state) can be briefly presented below. Hopefully, the handling of risks that lead to the regulation of the company’s cash flow in the event of a disaster can always be maintained with this CAR insurance protection.


Insurance that guarantees financial losses due to physical damage from civil works that are being installed or worked on.


That can be insured in Insurance (CAR), which is all types of civil works are drying, for example:

Building, office, school, campus, etc.
Factory Works, Industrial Estates, etc.
Construction of multi-story buildings such as hotels, apartments, plazas, etc.
Construction of Tunnels, Roads and other CIVIL jobs.


Contractor / Sub Contractor as Project implementer.
Project owner.
Both can be above.
Private agencies/individuals.


Material Damage Section 1

Financial losses as a result of physical damage from civil works that are being installed, which are among others due to:

Fire/fire, struck by lightning, blasting
Earthquakes and the like.
Negligence, human error and lack of skill.
Theft and demolition.
Short circuit.
Malicious acts.
And others that are not included in the exception.

Section II Third Party Liability

Namely, the losses suffered by the insured where legally (legally) the insurer is responsible, that is due to:

Accidents on third-party bodies (fatal or not).
Damage of property from third parties.