Measure the area, length, and width of the window correctly. The goal is none other than to avoid the size of curtains that are too large or even small. When done, don’t forget to measure the length and width of the window wall, yes. The matter also determines your choice; for example, want to have the right size curtains or just dangling to touch the floor. Meanwhile, go to if you need a reliable guide for choosing blinds.

Thick or Thin Curtains?

For this one, it is recommended to adjust it to weather conditions. Now, as a benchmark, you can choose thin curtains when it’s hot. The goal, so that the air can freely move into the room. Conversely, if the weather or air is in cold temperatures, do not hesitate to immediately replace it with thicker curtains. However, this curtain serves to drive cold air, so as not to enter and reduce the comfort of occupants of space.

Model of Curtains

Given its function as a decorative element of space, it is important to ensure that the curtain model is similar or even able to support the aesthetic value of space. One way is to adjust it to the theme of space. For example, you can choose a minimalist curtain model – which is loaded with plain colors and light motifs; while for a classic style room: a certain model with intricate designs and motifs.