Located in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, Tayma is known as a large oasis and has a long settlement. If from the city of Medina, Tayma is around 400 kilometers north, and if from the city of Tabouk, Tayma is located next to the airport with a distance of 264 kilometers. Aside from that, perhaps you should check out the arabic self study books as well.

This place according to historical records is a place that shows the prosperity of Jewish settlements. Prosperity includes the existence of water sources, the number of wells, and buildings that look magnificent. Some tourists will be interested in religious tourism, and Tayma is the right place to increase their knowledge and experience at the same time because Tayma was indeed one of the prominent places in Saudi Arabia, especially in the 7th century BC.

In addition, you can also visit the Cave of Hira while visiting Mecca. The other main tourism object that should be on your list of destinations when you go to Saudi Arabia is Gua Hira located in Jabal Nur. From Mecca, to get to this cave we have to travel about 2 miles. Maybe this cave is an object that is often explored by Muslims who come for Hajj and Umrah, but this place is open to anyone, especially those who think that religious tourism is exciting.

This cave is a location where God gave His revelation to the Prophet Muhammad through the first angel Gabriel. The Prophet Muhammad was very pleased with this place and made it a solitary place to stay away from people who at that time had not known too much and knew God. Be sure to take a tour in this place, you have a healthy, fit and strong physique because the location is on a cliff that is not very high but has an incline plus a little steeper.