The dependence of the community on electricity is quite high now. Actually, it’s not just electricity. Our dependence on various energy products that cannot be renewed for our survival is so great. Especially since the presence of gadgets as an invention in the field of information and technology that is now very loved by children to adults. Therefore, with this increasingly high demand, more and more invitations are now being made to save electricity.

We realize that the high dependence on natural resources is so great and does not rule out the possibility that one day this energy will run out and cannot be produced again. Obviously, we will find it difficult to move if our mindset and lifestyle are still struggling with the products of this human intelligence.

Here are several ways and tips to save electricity can be applied in everyday life from Finansis:

1. Unplug the cable/equipment from the switch when not in use

Do not allow equipment to be installed on the switch when not in use. Whether it’s your gadget charger, TV, iron, or other electronic items. When you feel you do not need to use electricity for that, as much as possible to avoid the habit of leaving electronic items with cables still stuck on the switch even if it is off or off. Electricity will still flow in the cable to your electronic equipment. If this is the case, electricity will be wasted and you have to pay the electricity bill, which is actually a few percents of the bill which is a waste of electricity. It is better to unplug the electronic equipment cable from the switch to disconnect the electrical power that flows and eventually wasted it.

2. Save Lamp Usage

For the needs of the lights, watch out for the lighting needs at home by using the lights only when really needed. Take advantage of the sun as the main source of lighting during the day. Use energy-saving lights that only use relatively small amounts of electricity. Try to apply the deadly rule of at least 2 lights between 17:00 and 20:00. Some tactics and self-control of more limited electricity usage are enough to help you reduce dependence on electricity and reduce the cost of your monthly electricity bill.