For some people, shopping for clothes can be a difficult and confusing activity. Sometimes, you go to a shopping center with an idea in your head, but once you get there, you don’t know where to start. There are so many models, pieces, sizes, colors, and brands offered that you feel blazing. Having ideas about clothes like what suits you best, will make it easier for the process of choosing clothes. You can also visit our website to get mens adaptive clothing.

Determine which body parts will be highlighted. You can use clothes to give the impression of being bigger, smaller, more prominent, or more subtle.

– Pattern

Vertically striped clothes generally will make the wearer’s body seem thinner. Meanwhile, horizontal lines often make the body look wider. A bright and striking pattern will draw attention to the body part that is wearing it. So, if you want to highlight your chest, a patterned blouse can be a good strategy. The opposite is also true; dark, plain clothes can disguise certain body parts, especially if combined with bright motifs.

– Waist style

Low-waist pants can make the body seem more curvy and slimmer waist. A high waistline can make the chest stand out more.

– Structured Settings

Structured clothing can be used to highlight and shape certain body parts. Square-cut clothes can make your upper body look bigger, while shoulder pads make the shoulders look wider. Pleated pants can also give the impression that the legs are fuller.

– Skirt type

A-line skirts are perfect for displaying the notched body and making the lower body look wider. Straight skirts will have the opposite effect; if you want to divert attention from the lower body, you should wear this model skirt.

– Size

In general, loose clothing will hide the body shape, while tight clothing will highlight it. Whether you want to buy ready-made clothes or make it in a tailor, it’s good to remember your body size properly. Use a measuring tape and note the exact number.