Aromatherapy Can Be Used in Various Ways. In order to get the maximum benefit, there are several ways you can do. Meanwhile, perhaps you should check out the excellent and the best smelling incense sticks and agarbatti.


Inhaling aromatherapy vapors

Aromatherapy oil used by inhaling its vapors can help relieve respiratory ailments, such as flu and colds. Choose mint aromatherapy, eucalyptus and pine oil. How to use it, prepare hot water in the basin. Add 10 drops of selected aromatherapy oil. Next bow your head over the basin while covering your head with a towel. Breathe the steam for a few minutes.

Spray aromatherapy oil

Put 180 ml of water into a spray bottle. Add 5-10 drops of aromatherapy oil in about 30 ml each. Shake it first, then spray into the room to get the fragrance and the benefits.

Using a diffuser

This tool uses electricity. This tool is more likely to allow aromatherapy oil to spread more throughout the wider room. Another advantage of using this tool is being able to break oil into separate molecules so that the aroma will be easier to breathe. Therefore, this method is considered the most effective in treating. This method is right for stabilizing mental and emotional health. This method is also effective for treating diseases related to blood, lungs, and brain. However, make sure that the diffuser uses cold air instead of using warmth or vibration. Because it will destroy the active substance.

To compress

Maybe you just found out that aromatherapy oil can be used to compress sick body parts. The trick, prepare one liter of warm water with added 3-6 drops of aromatherapy oil. Mix well. Soak the towel in the mixture, squeeze, then apply to the affected body part for a maximum of 20 minutes. Repeat until the pain subsides.

Muscles that are painful due to sports injuries, bruises, toothaches, headaches, and injuries from insect bites are some of the diseases that can be relieved by compressing them with aromatherapy oil.

For massage

Combine aromatherapy oil with massage oil, then use it to massage. Oil absorbed by the body will provide health benefits. Meanwhile, the scent that touches the muscles will make the muscles more relaxed and calming.