Starting a business does not have to have a shop on a busy roadside. A business that is developing now is a home business that can be managed from your own home. Maybe you think that a business like this only requires a little marketing effort, but in reality, it doesn’t. Home-based businesses do not have the form of attractive shops on the roadside and can be seen by many people, so it will require more marketing efforts. Aside from that, perhaps you should also find out more about online lead management for your business.

Here are 5 strategies in the home business marketing budget:

1. Business Website

A website can be a substitute for a store, and this is the first impression that will appear on your home business, so make the website design as attractive as possible. Present information about products or services offered in clear, detailed, interesting, intuitive, and make a neat and organized website. Then most importantly, don’t forget to include contacts that can be contacted.

2. Local Search

Nowadays people are more observant in choosing the quality of the products they are going to buy, prospective customers will search for all information online. Make sure your business is registered in search engines like Yahoo! Local and Google Maps so that when there are potential customers around your area, you can find your store.

3. Social Media

Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn provide free media for various home-based businesses and have a significant contribution in connecting you with consumers and potential customers.

4. Case Study

Case studies not only exist in academic science. Studies like this can also be applied in business to research a product before reaching consumers so that it will be easier for prospective consumers to understand the benefits they get when buying these products. This allows potential customers to make the right decision before buying.

5. Electronic News

Make monthly electronic news, and send it to customers who are already members of your website or social media so that they get valuable information about new products and other information. There are several companies and media that are easy to use to manage, develop and send electronic news such as Silverpop and Vertical Response.