As you look up the references of island for sale, lombok villas for sale  there will be abundant options such as Lombok real estate which are available. In this case, each of them certainly implies the advantages and the disadvantages as you begin the analysis on the fundamental aspects. One of the fundamental aspects that you consider at first is about political condition. It is terrible that you choose an island which is quite risky in political term. You are going for the money to buy the island so that the bad political condition even just possibly leads you to bankruptcy. In early step of analysis, you should not miss a single thing which is even quite influential to sustainability of your business.

In purpose of gaining the comprehensive analysis on your choice, it is possible for you to consider utilizing SWOT analysis. Here SWOT analysis consists of strength, weakness, opportunity, and treats. From those four aspects, you may find whether it is still quite potential to invest in your option. You may go for further research on your choice as you find that the conclusion based on the analysis is good overall.

Blind spot is necessary to identify in making of decision. In example, natural scenery of island is probably quite attractive to get invested. However, after knowing that the political security of the island is not so safe, you probably feel reluctant to go on your option.

Islands which are located in the country with low political security tend to be less in the number of visitors. In this case, in the view of market potential, you should not have to go on your option if you think that it just even leads to higher cost. With the high level of insecurity, you have to spend more cost to secure your islands.