Find Out Some Causes of Central Lock in Cars Experiencing Damage or Loss

Cars certainly become the vehicle most often used by many people. Many people use cars even every day and unwittingly there are some parts in the damaged car. One of the parts that are most often damaged is the central lock on the car that serves to lock all the doors on the car. To handle car key issues that make it impossible for you to enter and exit the car.

Usually, the damage that occurs when the central lock is activated, this component is unable to lock all doors. Worse when the component in the form of a motor dynamo no longer functions to push the locking lever. Below are some of the causes of the central lock in the car being damaged or even jammed.

1. Door lock (door lock component) is rusty. Every few months, it is recommended to give a little anti-rust or grease or grease. This locking component is usually located on the edge of the door and will be related to the body.

2. The motor dynamo is weak. There is a component commonly called a “gun” because it looks like a gun. This is a dynamo that “shoots” iron to move the lock. The component that continues to work is prone to damage because the bumps are quite strong.

3. The movement of key components to the door also requires lubrication so that the locking performance gets lighter. Give special treatment by giving grease. Most often damaged is a motor dynamo. These components are also sold with the status of “imitation”. You have to prepare other fees to deal with this problem.

If you often drive or use a car, it is better to always use it to the maximum and with good treatment. Because some parts of the car are vulnerable to damage or problem because they are used too often. To make the central lock on the car last long, then you have to use it properly and not carelessly use it.