How to Find the Suitable Washing Machine for Your Needs

Now the washing machine is equipped with a variety of sophisticated technologies such as touch screens and WIFI connections. Various brands also offer different washing methods. All technology of lavadoras industriales is good but you need to remember that you don’t need all of these features for your washing machine. When buying a washing machine we recommend that you focus on features that are really important and you need. In essence, in buying a washing machine, you only need your clothes to be clean at the end of the washing with efficient use and suitable for your lifestyle.

1. Washing Machine Capacity

In choosing a washing machine, generally the bigger the washing machine, the better. With a large capacity, your clothes will have more room to spin so that the washing results will be cleaner. You can also wash more clothes at a time so you don’t need to wash too often and save more electricity. Washing machine capacity is measured in metric kilograms where one kilogram is supposed to be able to wash 1 full suit or one large towel.

2. Spin Speed

A higher spin speed will eliminate more water at the end of washing so that your clothes will be faster and easier to dry. Most models have a spin speed of around 1200rpm which means the drum on the washing machine rotates 1200 times per minute. If you often wash towels, you might want to see a washing machine with a spin speed of around 1600 rpm so that your towel is not so moist. For clothes that are more susceptible, we nest you lower the spin speed so that your clothes are not damaged.

5. Offered Washing Programs The most useful washing program is “Quick Wash” where your clothes will be finished in 15 to 30 minutes. Quick Wash is very useful if you want to wash clothes in small amounts and not so tarnished in quick time. Some washing machine models also offer an “Anti Stain” washing program that can wash for clothing that has severe stains such as red wine.