The early steps in for your meal prep

To save money, choose the ones that can be used multiple times and hold the microwave. It’s not expensive, I usually buy online at a pretty cheap price per piece, and can be used many times. In the meantime, you may also need to check out the recommended and high-quality meal prep bag that you can purchase online.

How to save your time and energy in the kitchen?

First, focus on a simple menu. Do not immediately want to try a complex menu that takes hours like rendang or jerky, especially those who need Gordon Ramsey’s complicated Roasted Whole Chicken technique. Just simple, stir-fry, pan grill, oven roast.

Second, learn to multitask. If I don’t bother washing dishes when I’m done, I usually pay in installments to wash while cooking. So when it’s finished cooking, all you need to wash is just a skillet and some equipment.

Finally, wake up earlier than usual can help you to prepare your meal a lot easier, especially if you have to do many tasks in the morning for the next several hours.

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